World of Warcraft now on Kinect

According to a recent report on, a new hack was developed via OpenNL by Evan Suma, a researcher at the University of Southern California and his team. The hack is known as FAAST (Felxible Action and Articulated Skeleton Toolkit), which allows for basic commands and movements to be done via body motion and sound in the World of Warcraft game.

It has been reported that the hack, for now, will work on Sony’s Kinect.

The news of the hack may come as good news to the millions of online players of WOW.

wow logo 01 World of Warcraft now on Kinect

The current version of the hack allows only for the most basic of commands to be sent to the game. We are sure that at some time in the future, something more intricate would come from this development.

Is it is at present, we are sure that a number of gaming nerds will surely get a good workout while playing this popular online game!

No information has yet been released on the availability of the hack.

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