To Date 60,000 Pornographic Websites Shut Down in China

It was confirmed today that Chinese authorities had shut down more than 60,000 pornographic websites as part of its year-long crackdown on unwanted Internet content, as Beijing moves to tighten control over the Internet.

Wang Chen, Minister for the Press Office of the State Council said in a statement that by end November, they had inspected a number of 1.8 million websites and closed down more than 60,000 for distributing pornography.

He also added that a number of 58 people had been arrested and jailed for at least 5 years in the crackdown on lewd mobile phone and online content, in an operation that was launched in December last year. 

china flag To Date 60,000 Pornographic Websites Shut Down in China

China, with an online population of around 450 million Internet users operates a vast Internet censorship system, which has been dubbed the ‘Great Wall of China’. The government claimed that it censors the Internet to curb ‘unhealthy’ content, which include violence and pornography.

According to Chinese authorities, the crackdown will continue as long as pornography and violence stays on the Internet. Authorities confirmed that their actions are seen as a protracted war.

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