Time Warner Cable Customers Could Soon Lose Networks

Time Warner Cable customers across the United States could soon lose access to major broadcast networks due to a contract dispute with the Sinclair Broadcast Group.

The dispute between Sinclair Broadcast Group and Time Warner Cable is but one of a number of growing disputes over the fees that cable providers pay broadcast stations in order to include their signals in various channel line-ups.

Earlier this year Cablevision customers lost access to Fox programming for 15 days, a time period that included two World Series games. This led to an outcry by consumers of Cablevision.

logo TimeWarner Time Warner Cable Customers Could Soon Lose Networks

According to information, Sinclair Broadcast Group is asking for increased fees in the rights to carry signals from its stations, but Time Warner Cable is against the fee increase.

A number of 33 Sinclair stations in 21 different markets, which include NBC, FOX, CBS and ABC affiliates, could go off-air for Time Warner Cable customers after midnight this coming Friday.

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