The 1,000,000 Volt Taser Walking Cane

BudK recently unveiled the new ZAP Cane, a typical grandpa walking cane, which sports an astronomical 1,000,000 volt stun gun at the tip of the cane. This may be considered by many as being overrated when it comes to self-defense!

The cane may well come in handy to many senior citizens enjoying taking strolls along dangerous routes. Obviously, with its 1 million volt stun gun, this device will leave the majority of threats rendered useless for some time. In certain instances, the device may even be lethal to some.

Not only does the cane have a modern-looking and attractive appearance, but it features a built-in ultra-bright LED flash light, which is very useful for the elderly.

Zap Cane 650x606 e1294545646413 The 1,000,000 Volt Taser Walking Cane

The cane supports weight of up to 250lbs and is adjustable between 32 to 36-inches, making it usable by the majority of senior citizens.

The cane is shipped with a wall charger as well as a carrying case.

Now, just remember to charge the cane on a daily basis, else it may not have much use when it comes to self-defense!

The device is currently available to the majority of all US states and comes with a price tag of $89.99.

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