Sony Aims for No. 2 Spot in Tablet Market

Sony announced yesterday that it is looking to slide in behind Apple Inc as the world’s second-largest tablet maker by 2012. The company also added that the PlayStation Phone was also a potential opportunity.

While some companies, like Samsung whom some are calling the Galaxy Tab an iPad killer, and RIM who is getting positive feedback on its PlayBook, we found it strange that Sony did not unveil a tablet at the CES show in Las Vegas, especially if the company is aiming to become the second largest tablet maker by 2012.

But, its computer division head, Kunimasa Suzuki said that Sony had ambitions and plans to quickly catch up with the market.

sony logo Sony Aims for No. 2 Spot in Tablet Market

Sony CEO, Howard Stringer, also mentioned that the company has considered a tablet offering 3D capabilities to users.

Many analysts have said that Sony’s goals may be unrealistic to aim for the second position by 2012, especially due to the fact that the company had no device to unveil at the 2011 CES.

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