Skype Video Calling Planned for the iPhone

Over the holiday, Skype posted and quickly removed a FAQ page explaining video calling on the iPhone. The page was captured by RedmondPie before it was take down, which sparked an interest in the plans Skype had for the future of the iPhone.

Some of the information contained in the FAQ page confirms that users will be able to make Skype video calls by using Wi-Fi or a 3G connection.

It was confirmed that users will be able to receive screen shares from people using Skype for Windows or Mac OS X. Users will, however, not be able to share what is on the screen of their iPhones.

skype logo Skype Video Calling Planned for the iPhone

Skype for iPhone will not support group video calling.

Skype will be supported on all devices running iOS 4.0 or higher.

Visitors interested in reading more or viewing the full FAQ page is free to visit this link:

It will be interesting to know when Skype will launch its service for the iPhone. Even more of interest, when will Skype launch a similar service for BlackBerry users?

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