Pearson Launches PowerTeacher Mobile

Pearson just released PowerTeacher Mobile – a mobile application that dubs itself as the “next level” in classroom technology. It’s basically an online classroom management solution specifically made to meet the changing needs of the modern day teacher. Unparalleled in terms of its being user friendly and easy usage, its capabilities cover a wide range of an educator’s responsibilities including, but not limited to: varying classroom instruction, formative assessments, teacher-parent correspondence, discipline system, and so much more.

Pearson Launches PowerTeacher Mobile Pearson Launches PowerTeacher Mobile

The application is actually a product of 18 months of hard work collecting over a thousand feedbacks from teachers and professionals leading the education field.

PowerTeacher Mobile’s installation process is almost instant because it is integrated into PowerSchool and Chancery SMS. This is why it’s required, alongside wireless or 3G internet connection, that the school district where the teacher is assigned must be using PowerSchool or later for them to access the application.

The fact that access to the application is almost instant makes updates on the PowerTeacher Mobile real time. As teachers access the application through their iPads, all data immediately flow back to the central database so that faculty, parents, students, and all other stake-holders, immediately see grades, scores, assignments, and all other data that marks educational progress.

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