Nintendo Issues 3D Gaming Warning

Nintendo has issued a health warning over the 3D function on its upcoming gaming console, the Nintendo 3DS, recommending children under the age of 6 do not play with it in order to prevent damage to their eyes.

Nintendo said that they will offer 2Ds alone to children aged 6 and younger as watching 3D images for a long period of time could negatively affect the development of their eyes.

The new-generation Nintendo DS console missed a Christmas season release, but will be available for sale on February 26 in Japan and March in the United States, Europe and Australia.

nintendo3DS logo1 Nintendo Issues 3D Gaming Warning

Nintendo issued the alert on their website to users interested in trying the new 3DS. According to Nintendo, 3D images, not only those of the Nintendo 3DS but also those in cinemas and on television, could affect the development of vision in small children.

Nintendo also called for use of the console’s Parental Control function in order to ensure that children aged 6 and younger play only in 2D.

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