News About a Samsung Honeycombe Tablet Expected Next Month

Samsung hinted that it may make an announcement about a phone running on a dual-core processor, new tablets running on Honeycombe and new Windows Phone 7 models at the Mobile World Congress in February.

Samsung executives discussed a number of topics about mobile devices at a press conference at the CES in Las Vegas yesterday, but said they plan to make more announcements next month.

It was clear that the executives sought to deflect credit for the growth of tablets away from Apple, when chief strategy officer, Omar Khan, said that “tablets are not new”. He added that the form factor has been around for several years. He also said that the key to the explosion is the readiness of the platforms and ecosystems. Apple has for long been considered the leader in tablets after the release and growth of its iPad.

8afd7 samsung logo News About a Samsung Honeycombe Tablet Expected Next Month

Samsung contends that its tablets were developed and designed internally and have not been influenced by external companies.

The company would not reveal any information on projected tablet sales in 2011.

Samsung, however, plans to beat the mobile phone market this year. The company said that it is expecting an overall growth in this market of around 10% this year.

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