New Twitter’s Rollout Finally Completed

All those readers who are a big time fan of Twitter must be aware of the importance of date December 18th, 2011. Yes, it is the date when Twitter had started rolling out the redesigned version of Twitter to its users. The idea behind a redesign is to offer users a smooth and seamless experience with optimal performance.

There are many lucky users who have already switched to the latest version of Twitter after the rollout began last year, but there are still a good number of users who have just switched to the newer version. This certainly was a slow and systematic rollout.

It has been announced by Twitter today that the roll out is finally complete and everyone has now successfully been moved to the new Twitter, often dubbed as ‘#NewNew Twitter’:

Support Tweet New Twitter’s Rollout Finally Completed

Users lucky enough to have their hands on the new version earlier are now pretty familiar with the new layout of the site, while those who are just happened to switch to the new version of Twitter seem a bit in chaotic state of mind.

Tweets New Twitter’s Rollout Finally Completed

Twitter’s approach of rolling out the new version of its site is quite impressive. It certainly helped the company to prevent massive support requests. Certainly, for users who are not a big time fan of the site, the things seem to be messed for them. Similar approach has been implied by the world’s largest network, Facebook to introduce its new features. We have seen in past that rolling out any of the new feature instantly caused a havoc among the users as well as companies.

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