New Gadget Said to Harness Walking Power

A United States-based company has developed a baton-shaped device that is said to charge gadgets using power generated by walking, hiking or running.

Tremont Electronics is in Las Vegas for the 2011 CES show, where it will introduce the nPower PEG (Personal Energy Generator).

According to the company, the device is for any outdoor enthusiast who is deep in the woods and has no access to a power outlet, but constantly needs backup battery power.

The PEG baton measures nine inches and weigh 11 ounces. Electricity is generated when floating magnets slide through coils, the company said.

npower New Gadget Said to Harness Walking Power

The company also mentioned that the batons can be put in a backpack or briefcase where they sync to up-and-down motion to generate power.

The PEG works with more than 3,000 handheld devices that are USB 2.0 compatible.

The device has already gone on sale during September 2010 at an amount of $160, and the company said that they are struggling to keep up with demands.

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