Mozilla Successfully Patches Security Bug in 2 Days

In order to patch up the vulnerability of the security bug that was reported on the Nobel Peace Prize web site, Mozilla introduced Firefox version 3.6.12 and Firefox 3.5.15. The browser showed its vulnerability due to the security bug on Firefox 3.5 and 3.6 versions. The Mac OS X, Windows and Linux platforms on these versions were most vulnerable. As per the security engineer of Mozilla, Daniel Veditz, the currently launched Firefox 4 is not at risk from the finer security loop hole exploited by the bug. The visitors to the Nobel Peace Prize site were diverted to a Taiwanese server attack center. The java script code gets triggered and installs Trojan horse on the host machine in no time. The user information is then secretly captured by the Trojan horse and shared with hackers. They in turn can take command of PC systems and devices for channelizing their personal objectives.

Mozilla Successfully Patches Security Bug in 2 Days Mozilla Successfully Patches Security Bug in 2 Days

The new users should download the patched versions from the official online source of Mozilla. The existing users can also “Check for updates” in the Help menu and install the patch on the go. With new patch installed on machine the security bug will be fixed and sensitive user information will not be accessed by the hackers.

The skilled team at Mozilla was able to fix the security concern within 48 hours. This goes in as one of the fastest support to its global users, considering that the magnitude of the vulnerability was pretty high. Mozilla has also been known for throwing cash prizes to the hackers who exposed the security vulnerability of their browser system. The last one was awarded to a German hacker. He was awarded a whopping $10,000 for exposing a security hole in Mozilla’s system. Over the years Mozilla has been able to establish a secure name amongst the minds of one and all.

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