Microsoft to Extend its SkyDrive apps for Windows and Mac

The Redmond-based software giant is pushing hard to bring significant improvements to its cloud storage service SkyDrive recently. The company has integrated its cloud storage service into Windows Phone Mango by improving its capabilities considerably with HTML5 video support and also launch applications for Windows Phone and iOS users.

A Brazilian website, Gemind, reports that we will soon be able to see extended storage levels and desktop apps for Windows and Mac OS X. The website also shares with us screenshot from the web interface of SkyDrive, which explicitly advertises downloadable clients for Windows and Mac. It points out that this isn’t the LiveMesh product, and plainly applies to SkyDrive.

Exclusive Skydrive Apps Windows OS X Microsoft to Extend its SkyDrive apps for Windows and Mac

In addition to the possible clients for Mac and Windows, the site also reveals new pricing plans for beyond the standard 25GB of free storage. The new pricing plans offer 20, 50, and 100GB more storage for free. The image given below will give you a clear idea of how the new pricing plan will work out based on Brazilian Real figures.

  • +20 for $11/yr
  • +50 for $27/yr
  • +100 for $54/yr

SkyDrive Price Plan Microsoft to Extend its SkyDrive apps for Windows and Mac

Fans of storage service will certainly be pleased to see the additional ranks of pricing. Moreover, the desktop apps will make it easier and faster to access SkyDrive than the previous web interface. The Redmond-based software giant is looking forward to make its cloud storage service a true competitor for Dropbox and Apple’s iCloud.

If Microsoft truly wants to take benefit out of its cloud storage service, it has to come up on its own rather than relying on Amazon or any other third-party services. Microsoft seems to realize the fact of having its own strong cloud storage service and keenly working to improve it over time to have its fair share in the cloud market.

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