Microsoft Sold 8 Million Kinects in 2 Months

Microsoft CEO, Steve Ballmer, took the stand at the International CES in Las Vegas, where he announced that the company had sold more than 8 million gesture-sensing Kinect controllers for Xbox 360 gaming consoles in just two months since its release.

Ballmer also said that more than 50 million Xbox 360 consoles have been sold worldwide, and Live membership has passed the 30 million mark.

The Live Network allows users to play videogames with one another online, access websites and download content.

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The Kinect allow users to control on-screen actions with body movements or spoken commands and currently retails at around $150 per device.

Microsoft is currently tapping into Kinect camera and facial recognition technology, which will allow users to represent themselves in the Live virtual world with animated characters that resembles them and copy expressions and gestures in real time.

For those hardened-gamers, Ballmer said that the Avatar Kinect feature will be available by mid-year to people who are subscribed to the Xbox Live Gold memberships.

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