LG Announces LW6500 Cinema 3D TV

LG Electronics recently announced its newest entry into the 2011 HDTV lineup, the LW6500 Cinema 3D TV, a 3D TV that does not use the heavy, expensive active-shutter 3D Glasses many others do.

The new 65-inch LW6500 uses polarized lens-glasses, similar to the glasses used in 3D movie theatres, in order to achieve the 3D effect. Unlike active-shutter glasses, which use small LCD screens to alternately dim each lens, polarized 3D glasses do not require a battery.

According to LG, the new device will be ‘Flicker-Free’, with two certifications from Intertek and TUV to back their claim.

lg LG Announces LW6500 Cinema 3D TV

Polarized 3D glasses are also much cheaper to manufacture and lighter.

The screen will also be covered by a film, which LG calls the ‘3D Light Boost’, which will make 3D images appear as light as possible. It is unknown if this will affect normal 2D viewing.

The device is scheduled for display at this year’s CES at Las Vegas.

LG has not yet announced a price tag or shipping date for the device.

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