Iran Reportedly Blocking SSL Websites

Iran, once again stepping up its efforts to block websites, as the Internet users reporting error messages in the country, when trying to access major websites on the eve of revolution anniversary.

The Washington Post reports, among the major sites blocked, include Google, Google Reader and Facebook.

A good number of Iranian users believe that connectivity woes are caused by Iranian government. Form the mid-February to early March, the 33rd anniversary of the Islamic Revolution is celebrated in the country each year. Perhaps, in an attempt to restrict any anti-government demonstrations forming online, the Iranian government has restricted Internet access during this politically charged event.

Iran Flag Iran Reportedly Blocking SSL Websites

All the websites using HTTPS (a more secure version of HTTP protocol that assists in keeping Internet users’ information private) are amassed by error messages.

Some other encrypted sites are also being blocked by the government, including the proxy servers that some Iranian use to bypass government blocks of Western websites, The Verge reports. It is also said that this blockade is an initial move from the Iranian government to isolate digitally savvy Iranians from the rest of the Internet.

In past, the Internet has played a vital role in Iranian political rallies. After a disputed election in 2009, the company saw mass protests which were dubbed as the “Twitter Revolution” as protestors used the social network to systematize themselves. During the 2010’s anniversary of the Islamic Revolution, the Internet slowed to a crawl. Even in the year past, protestors used the Internet once again to establish solidarity marches with Arab Spring documentations in the Middle East.

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