Hotmail New Year’s Bug Leads to Missing E-mails

Some users of Microsoft’s Hotmail have started off the New Year scrambling to get back old e-mails in their online e-mail accounts. A number of users have posted franticly on Microsoft’s forum asking for assistance in retrieving their lost e-mails.

A number of users also complained that all their Inbox messages were sent to their deleted mail folders instead.

It is currently unclear how many users have been affected by the bug, but according to stats from comScore, Hotmail has a user base of around 360 million users.

hotmail logo e1294545603282 Hotmail New Year’s Bug Leads to Missing E mails

Windows Live technicians confirmed in a number of threads on the forum that they are aware of the problem and is working on a fix.

A Microsoft spokesperson said that the problem appears to be limited, and the company is working with the individuals who have been affected. The company also apologized for the inconvenience caused.

Microsoft’s forum currently consists of 476 pages of complaints about lost, missing and deleted e-mails that date back to early November.

Microsoft was not the only company that suddenly appears to be hit by bugs on the turn to the New Year. We reported yesterday that iPhone users also have been affected by a bug that caused all single alarm alerts to cease on January 1.

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