Hacked iTunes Accounts on Sale in China

Hacked iTunes accounts for Apple’s iTune Store are being advertised for sale on China’s largest retail website, Taobao, offering buyers illegal access to credit card detail for music and TV downloads.

A search on Taobao showed a large number of online shops advertising iTunes accounts for sale.

According to a report in the Global Times, it is believed that a number of around 50,000 illegal iTunes accounts are being traded on Taobao. Several thousands of accounts have already been sold over the past several months.

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Taobao said in a statement that they could not act unless a formal request is received to remove the advertisements, and that they have taken all reasonable and necessary measures to protect the rights of consumers.

It was also reported that those buying hacked accounts were requested to use the accounts for 24 hours only.

Last year, Apple advised users whose credit card or iTunes passwords are stolen to contact their financial institutions and change their iTunes access information.

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