Google TV Receives a New YouTube App

The search giant displayed the new version of its Google TV at last month’s CES, showing the world what it had under its camp. Rupert Murdoch led the panel discussing Google TV’s new practicalities. On its Facebook Page, Google TV said that it has some big announcements in store for the world.

Google TV said that it is upgrading the YouTube experience on Google TV with a new, redesigned application. The YouTube app for Google TV is available for download on the Android Marketplace. Initially, the idea behind Google TV was to design a user experience that smoothly and effortlessly merges web video with the boob tube, to alter the way consumers communicate with TV. However, the Google TV fell flat initially. While reviewing the latest version, Matt Burns says that it still has to go long way.

YouTube App Google TV Receives a New YouTube App

The search giant has promised some ‘major improvements’ to its new YouTube application. For instance, navigation is made seamless and swift, new ‘Discover’ feature has been added to its UX that essentially brings YouTube channel categories to Google TV, eventually improving their browser-ability within the app. New channel pages have also been included in the new version that enables users to navigate playlists and videos and easily subscribe them to favorites.

According to Google, users will be able to see related videos from the same user by pressing the up and down arrows on their remote controls or to locate the ‘Info screen’ to leave a thumbs up, to leave a comment, or to add up in their list.

The new version of YouTube app for Google TV looks impressive as this is solely tweaked to offer users an improved YouTube experience on Google TV. However, the app isn’t a mega announcement that most of the users were expecting previously, but still it manages to get positive reviews from users.

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