Google Phone In Arrington’s Dreams

Arrington is a guy who regularly speaks about all those financial people, who generally belong to those very high or major technological companies, though not a trained journalist. He also belongs to some of these companies and is posted in high levels too. He is also known to invest in many of the companies about which he writes. Sometimes, because of all these, his writings and info that he provides are incredibly prophetic and are also very helpful and serving.

If at all this guy is either a stock holder or an investor in Google, surely this type of story would be a real advantage for his assets. If at all he has invested in LG, the company which will make Google phone as per him, and not an investor in Samsung, the company as per him doesn’t make a phone for Google, then surely he would boost up the stocks of LG and his too with his story.

Google Phone Google Phone In Arringtons Dreams

Many people believe that Arrington is such a brilliant person and knows the effects. Though there might be some truth I actually don’t believe it to a fuller extent. I feel most of his writings contain guesses and probable inside guesses but this statement of his appears to be little right. Probably if the story I read strike my brain correctly, its very evident that Arrington didn’t even call any of the above said companies to atleast confirm the issue, if it is done so, I would have completely agreed with it.

Of course, Arrington don’t have to do that. He is the industry’s beloved writer and he had that facility to say anything and do anything virtually. He can stop the fight between companies, journalist by speaking some nice words though not true, if he wishes. He can also write stories and stories making them appear real, though he writes based on rumors and guesses. Such is his popularity. The TechCrunch site of Arrington is growing stronger day by day.

Similarly, I think he is also trying to say something regarding Google Phone based only on rumors. Many market experts also feel the same and do not believe in the rumor of Google phone.

The mockery in this issue is that Arrington is sometimes taking the other side too. Arrington is working on a tablet named Crunch Pad since 2008 though the product is not launched or delivered yet.  Surprisingly even without launch this product was selected for an award. Except him no one knows the launch date of this non-existing product. This concept of Google Phone, as per me, is yet another non-sense tech talk by Arrington. That’s it!

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