Google Offered $2 Million to Knight Foundation

Google is all set to offer $2 Million to James knight foundation for promoting online journalism in US. The Miami based concern has invested over $ 35 million towards online media initiatives. There has been a sudden change in the reading trends across the globe. An increasing number of people are interested in reading e-news across popular web channels. Google has been a pioneer in connecting the online news searchers to the best in class resources. Through some of the popular innovative initiatives the search engine giant has been able to capitalize on the market opportunities in a seamless manner.

Google Offered 2 Million to Knight Foundation Google Offered $2 Million to Knight Foundation

As per the sources of Knight Foundation they wish to leverage a million from the grants in contests through Knight News Challenge. The yearly contest promotes novel digital projects across the online channel. Google is keen to build its market in streaming news space too. Additionally, they would grant $3 Million to other companies across the globe that are committed in offering online media and journalism based services to the customers in a seamless manner on the go. The conventional ways of accessing information through newspapers and magazines is already dipping down as more people are interested in the web channel. The advertisers and investors too are interested in virtualizing their services. They can reach a larger audience base and stand a better chance of pushing up their bottom line in no time at all.

Some of the analysts do feel that to certain extent Google is cannibalizing the market with these strategies. As of now it has been estimated that the share of these grants would rise by at least 40% to 50% by next year. More online journalism companies and service providers can get to expect to benefit from the pie of the share on the go in no time.

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