Google Eyeing Apple’s Digital Newsstand

The Wall Street Journal recently reported on Google attempting to get media backing for a new Google-operated digital newsstand for users of devices that run its Android Operating System. According to the report, Google is hoping to muscle in on Apple’s own version of the digital newsstand.

Google has already approached a number of publishers, which include Time Warner, Conde Nast and Hearst Corp., according to the report.

Some sources, familiar with the matter, said that Google has offered publishers taking a smaller slice on any sales they make on Android apps. Apple currently takes a 30% cut on all iTunes sales.

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Google has also proposed giving publishers certain personal data about application buyers to assist them with marketing related products or services, according to a report in the daily.

Google, in turn, said that they have consistently stated that they were in talks with publishers about ways in which they could together, which include assistance in technology for subscription services. Google also added that they had no specific announcement to make in regards to the report.

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