Google Collected Personal Info – South Korean Police

South Korean Police today said that Google collected e-mails and other personal information from unsecured wireless networks in the country while filming photographs for its Street View mapping service.

In May 2010, Google announced that it had inadvertently collected fragments of people’s online activities from unsecured Wi-Fi networks in more than 30 countries, which sparked a number of investigations against the company from around the world.

South Korean law enforcement said that Google accessed private data as its cars took photographs of neighborhoods and three other major cities in the country between October 2009 and May 2010.

google street view Google Collected Personal Info – South Korean Police

Jung Suk-hwa, a police official in charge of the investigation, said the allegations have been confirmed after receiving and analyzing hard drives from Google. They expect to wrap up the investigation as early as this month.

Google’s actions may have broken the country’s laws protecting privacy of telecommunications.

It is still unclear whether Google may face any prosecution of penalties that may arise from the investigation.

Google apologized for the intrusion and vowed to work with South Korean law enforcement agencies in order to resolve the matter.

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