GM Invests $5 Million in Wireless Charging Startup Company

General Motors has recently invested $5 million in wireless charging startup, Powermat and plans to add its technology for small consumer electronics to its vehicles such as the Chevy Volt in 2012.

The move into wireless charging is part of a larger effort by GM to build its reputation as a technology leader led by the development of its Chevrolet Volt plug-in hybrid that runs first on electricity with a gasoline engine to extend its range.

According to a report, GM has a multiyear and multimillion-dollar commercial deal for the Powermat technology that includes exclusive use for one year in order to place the systems in vehicles worldwide.

gm GM Invests $5 Million in Wireless Charging Startup Company

GM will display a Volt equipped with the technology at the CES show in Las Vegas. The vehicle will consist of mats in the front console and in the back seat.

Powermat was founded in 2007, and has already sold millions of its wireless charging systems, which can charge smartphones, music players, handheld gaming consoles and other devices.

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