Breakup of Motorola Now Complete

The 82-year old consumer electronics company, Motorola split into two companies Tuesday in a reflection of changing markets. The company was responsible for early television, cell phones and also the first broadcast from the moon.

As two separate companies, Mobility will target consumers, while Solutions will target professionals.

Sanjay Jha, CEO of the consumer-focused Motorola Mobility Holdings Inc. said that the new company will benefit from a narrower focus, all the way up to management and the board of directors.

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For many years Motorola indicated the growth of electronics to consumers, from car radios in the 1930s, televisions in the 1940s to cell phones in the 1980s.

The company is also known for its technology in radios for law enforcement agencies from around the world to barcode scanners for government and retail institutions.

Motorola is hoping that the breakup of the company will lead to more innovative designs, better time to markets and a better ability to capitalize on trends and also create new trends.

As a part of the breakup, Motorola is selling its cellular network equipment division to Nokia Siemens Networks.

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