Apple Delays White iPhone Launch

Apple is in news again however, not for the reasons they’d have ever thought. The much awaited white iPhone model might be delayed till spring of 2011. The company has accused bad production planning to support the reason. It has been speculated by the sources near to the company that they are finding it tough to manufacture the special white colored plastic cover in mass. However, as per the industry analysts there might be some other secret reasons that Apple is not disclosing at this point in time. Black colored iPhone is already a hit across the globe and most sought out for device.

apple delays white iphone launch Apple Delays White iPhone Launch

iPhone has been positioned as the prime device amongst business professionals, students and other individuals. The black colored iPhone 4 is synonym to the global audience. Probably, Apple wants to release the device across global frontiers before releasing their white colored iPhone. Another reason that might have triggered them to delay the production and release is because the white colored iPhone resembles more of a simulator or a toy than a real communication device. The demand for a white colored model though is high amongst the audience but such audience is pretty niche in its magnitude.

Usually the light colored phone panels are preferred by females, fashion lovers and upper class individuals. They often sport multiple phones and some of the finest designer phones can also be found in their purses or hand. Apple should react fast to the dynamics of the market or they might even introduce a silver model to end the fuss circling around the white device. Only time will tell what lies ahead for those who are eagerly waiting for white colored iPhone release.

Apple should strategically place their bets in the competitive landscape in order to win more often. The competitors might now even aim at introducing counterfeit panels and sell these through underground channels on the go.

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