Apple Confident in 2011 iPad Sales

Apple Inc. surely has to be confident with its 2011 forecasted sales of the iPad. According to a report by DigiTimes, Apple has ordered 65 million 9.7-inch iPad screens for 2011. The majority of estimates have placed iPad sales in the neighborhood of 45-48 million units for 2011. Not only does this proof Apple’s confidence in the sales of this device, but probably is another indication that a smaller iPad may be placed on the back-burner for 2011.

In November alone, Apple bought 1.5 million iPad screens from LG and 1.2 million from Samsung. Current estimates for 2010 put iPad sales in the vicinity of 16.75 million units sold since its launch in April, according to DigiTimes.

Apple iPad 225x300 Apple Confident in 2011 iPad Sales

The huge orders may also be an indication that Apple is attempting to save costs as well, which may in turn see lowered prices in 2011 of the popular iPad device.

Some skeptics believe that the rumors of the iPad 2 may lead to an increased number in sales of the device, which may be another contributing factor for Apple’s move in buying 65 million screens for the device.

Whatever the reason for the huge acquisition, it is a fact that the iPad still remains the world’s first tablet computer and still remains a popular device around the world. Sales are surely to increase next year as many analysts predict that consumers will be in a better financial position as in prior years.

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