AP will Switch Tech Provider for Web Video Network

It has been reported on Monday that the Associated Press will be partnering with a new news technology vendor for its online video networking services. The vendor, News Distribution Network Inc., an established news services provider, already provides video services for a variety of large media companies, which include ABC, BBC and Reuters.

News Distribution Network (NDN) currently hosts all news content on its own servers. Participants in its services can use NDN’s media-player software and other tools to integrate videos into their own websites.

This makes it easy for users of the service to simply include video content on their websites, without the need of coding new technology in order to make use of the services. An additional advantage of this service includes the cost-savings aspect when it comes to bandwidth expenditure. As content are streamed directly from NDNs servers, no additional bandwidth costs in displaying video content to site visitors will be incurred by clients of NDN.

logo ap2 AP will Switch Tech Provider for Web Video Network

NDN also makes use of its own internal advertising program, which sells and runs advertising with the videos and shares revenue generated with the website that display the content as well as the media companies that produce them. In addition to making use of NDNs hosting services, this is also an easy way in which users can generate additional income from displaying their video content.

Financial terms of the new agreement have not been disclosed.

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