Angry Birds Space Arrives within a Month

For the gaming enthusiasts, the year goes too long when there is no mention of a new version of their favorite game. Rovio, the developer of popular mobile game ‘Angry Birds’ has just set up a teaser page to let people know about the imminent launch of Angry Birds Space. Rovio has briefly explained the game in the latest Top 10 Tech of last week.

The full-on new edition of the game was released by the company some months ago. Considering the importance of new versions, Rovio kept on releasing the new versions for its Angry Birds games. Every new version is full of new levels and the occasional new bird. However, the company is still ignoring the Symbian-only Angry Birds Magic with its NFC tricks. The last we saw was the promotional movie fastened with Angry Birds Rio in March 2011.

Angry Birds Space Angry Birds Space Arrives within a Month

Rovio has not disclosed much of the details about its forthcoming Angry Birds Space. The only news that we have got from the company is that the game will be released on March 22. For some unknown reasons, the game developer has also included NASA and National Geographic as partners in application’s release. We are still assuming how both these partners fit into the whole scenario except for providing background imagery for the game.

Now the question arises, how will Space differ from current Angry Birds games? Perhaps, the first most clear change would be seen in the modification with the strength of gravity, as the name of the game suggest. Another speculation is that the game might have a ‘lightspeed destruction’ mode. We are still unsure of the details as company has not yet disclosed them. We hope that Rovio will have something more to share with as we approach the launch date. All we can do is to wait for Rovio to share more details with us.

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