An Insight to iPad’s Usage in the Medical Industry

A specialized design firm, the Modo, makes medical carts. Every biggest equipment manufacturer in medical & health care area, including, Medtronic, Siemens, Philips, Baxter and many other companies are their customers. Modo is a company which builds and designs medical carts for many medical gadget companies in the world.

After briefly looking after the quickly raising popularity of the android or tablet computers, the Modo Company, revealed their well groomed and neatly tailored design i.e. “feather”, a medical cart made expressly for an iPad or a like wise sized computer.

An Insight to iPads Usage in the Medical Industry An Insight to iPads Usage in the Medical Industry

The design features of the “feather” are:

  • Slender foot prints which can be accommodated in any crowded rooms or hospital hallways.
  • “Whisper quiet” wheels are present and hence the patients will not be disturbed with any rustling sound.
  • Fine finishing and simple lines allow for easy cleaning of the device.

Using a standard VESA mount, an iPad of Apple or any like sized android computer or tablet, can be secured. But this Modo cart also helps the tablet to rotate between horizontal and vertical positions. This has a workspace and a small cubby in front for a Bluetooth and in the rear for equipment respectively.

CEO/ president of Modo, Bob Merchant, remarks that though an iPad or a similar device like iPad can be carried by hand easily without any difficulty, using a stethoscope or palpating chest while holding the tablet computer is bit difficult. Hence “feather”, a cart for iPad, from Modo, can be used to support the tablet. Though feather is not meant to support the iPad, it supports the function for which iPad is used for, that may include sharing or giving diagnostic info or walking a patient by a treatment plan. The iPad is put on the neutral ground by feather, which facilitates the patient to control the navigation experience. This shows that both the doctor and the patient will be working united to navigate a treatment plan or follow up an image.

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